Common Options To Consider

There are many options available now-a-days when it comes to how we say goodbye to a loved one. It is often important to us that we bid farewell in a way that is fitting. When it comes to a funeral service there are options and choices that need to be made, some of which extend from family tradition, beliefs or options that are available to help create a service that honours the life lived as well as those attending.


Burial Or Cremation?

How you answer this question will decide what options you have when it comes to choosing a venue or venues for the Funeral service. In most cases the wishes of the deceased are known to the family generally through word of mouth or sometimes in written form, such as a Will or Pre-arranged Funeral.


Today, in Australia’s capital cities and the larger metropolitan areas, and most regional towns,
cremation has become a more popular choice. Cremation is a respectful, dignified process that is preferred by many of today’s families. .

Cremated Remains

There are many appropriate ways for deciding what to do with your loved one’s Ashes after the Funeral. We can provide you with a range of options or answer any questions you might have. There is a common misconception that you must inter or in-urn Ashes. This is not so. Families may collect their loved one’s Ashes and either create their own memorial, such as a special garden or a pond at home or they may wish to scatter them in a park, in the sea or at some other location of special significance. Some families have a Minister or Celebrant perform a small ceremony at the interment or scattering of a loved one’s ashes. We can also help you in selected an urn if you wish to keep a loved one’s ashes at home.


If you have chosen burial, then you may need to choose a location for the burial to take place. This may already have been decided if you or your loved one have previously purchased or reserved a grave at a particular cemetery. If you have not chosen a cemetery, we can help you with the locations of the cemeteries in our region. If you wish, you might like to visit each cemetery and discuss with their staff the options available in the various areas that graves are located, and the types of plaques or monuments that can be placed on these graves. Once you have decided on a cemetery, we can at the time of the Funeral arrangements help fill out the appropriate cemetery documents and book the grave and the Funeral service time on your behalf.


The Funeral Venue

There are many places which a Funeral can be conducted. If you or the person who died attended a church or other place of worship, then that particular church may be the place to have the Funeral service.


Venue Options

Family tradition or personal preference may be that you hold the Funeral at another venue such as;

1. The funeral home chapel

2. A nursing home chapel.

3. By the graveside

4. Rural property/private property

5. Local park or reserve (if permitted)

6. School auditorium


Other Considerations

You may wish to consider some of the following points which could affect your decision on the most appropriate venue to hold the service;

1. How many people you need to accommodate?

2. Is it easy for the elderly to commute there and back?

3. Are there time restrictions when using the facility eg. Churches, Cemeteries

4. Availability of public transport?


Direct & Private Funerals

It may be your wishes or the request of a loved one to have a direct service carried out following their passing. This is often referred to as a ‘no service, no attendance.’ funeral. This service is most commonly associated with cremation and we are able to offer affordable pricing options to suit this service. Please contact us for more information.


What’s including in a ‘No Service’ funeral?

1. Transfer of deceased at time of death

2. Obtaining of medical certification.

3. Liaising with cemetery or crematoria

4. Cremation or burial fees

5. Mortuary care and preparation

6. Basic coffin

7. Transfer to cemetery or crematorium

8. Registration of death and death certificate


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