Funeral Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Funeral live streaming is a video/audio live stream that allows family members who are unable to attend a funeral service to join through a private and secure connection so as to still be a part of the service. The software can be used on computers or mobiles as well as smart TV’s. Webcasting is available from our Chapels.

How It Works?

If a service is live streamed, then a secret passcode is created for access to the live stream which will start when the service starts. The passcode is given to a family member prior who can share it with any appropriate people who are unable to attend.

Why is this service important?

This service is becoming more and more common as a result of both the advances of modern technology and the fact that there is quite often no ability or accessibility to attend the funeral service for reasons such as;


1. The recent laws put in place on the number of people permitted to be gathered indoors in response to the COVID-19 virus.

2. Too great a distance between family members.

3. Work or other unavoidable commitments.

4. Family members unable to travel for various reasons such as health or accessibility.

Security & Privacy

One of the greatest concerns with live-streaming is ensuring a high level of privacy and security.
All Funerals that are live-streamed in our chapels are protected by a unique pass code which ensures that only the selected participants of the live-stream are able to join.

Services can also be recorded and archived for a period of time where they are accessible for playback using the same or different pass code.

Alternatively the service can be recorded and placed on a USB or DVD.

What does it cost?

This service is free for both family who arrange the funeral and for viewers.